31 August 2008

Multiple Intelligences

The word “Intelligence”means different things to people. Even scientists and psychologists find it difficult to explain. Studies on this topic fill libraries from shelf to shelf, yet we get confused the minute we are asked what it is. Maybe the problem lies in the fact that there is no single type of intelligence, maybe it is that the people tend to think of academics as the only intelligent pursuit. This is however a very narrow minded view and intelligence has a much wider scope. So let’s see how many types of intelligence there are.

1. Linguistic Intelligence
Those who are blessed with linguistic intelligence find it very easy to pick up new languages. They make good interpreters and translators. They enjoy reading and writing. They may also be creative and write poems and stories. They enjoy a good debate and are comfortable with words.

2. Visual Spatial Intelligence
They are not too comfortable with words but can grasp concepts as a whole very well. They know in an instant just by visualizing whether a table can fit into a corner or is too big for it, without physically placing it there. They are good at creating maps, charts and presentations. They might also enjoy drawing comic strips and cartoons.

3. Bodily Kinesthetic Intelligence
These people are very comfortable with their physical body. They express themselves though sports or dance or drama. They can be more than a little competitive. They enjoy being in touch with others and like to be in the limelight. They also enjoy role playing and putting puzzles together. They would make good actors and directors.

4. Musical Rhythmic Intelligence
Some people can sing effortlessly without any training and it’s called a gift. It is actually a kind of intelligence. So many people would like to learn to play an instrument but never get the rhythm. People who are musically inclined find it very easy to compose melodies and do choreography. The music literally pours out of their bodies.

5. Naturalist Intelligence
We all like flowers and greenery to some extent, but for a naturalist it is the only part of the world that interests him. He loves to make herbariums and delights in stones with unusual colours. If he is given a garden patch plants thrive under him. The animals and birds hold a world of wonder for him. He will do best in environmental projects usually handled by NGOs.

6. Logical Mathematical Intelligence
Okay so he is a geek. He can make sense of theories that baffle the rest of us and actually thinks that sitting and solving algebraic expressions is fun. He enjoys solving brainteasers that deal with deductive logical problems. Conducting experiments comes naturally to him. He may not be a brilliant conversationalist but he might just solve the fuel crisis.

7. Inter-personal Intelligence
This is the most popular person on the block. He knows what everyone likes and is able to give it to them as well. He is a true team player and a great leader in any job involving coordination with others. He takes pleasure in group work. He is forever giving and receiving feedback to know what is the pulse of the moment. Dynamic is the word that comes to mind when you see him in action on a presentation. This is the kind of person everyone wants on his team.

8. Intra-personal Intelligence
You know that recluse, the one who doesn’t want to talk to you at all. Who takes a lot of effort to open up and get close to? Its not that he doesn’t like you, it’s just that he’s happier alone. He would prefer to make entries in his diary to share his day rather than tell someone else about it. He would rather spend time in silent reflection than watching a movie with friends. He is best at self paced projects and is quite disciplined. He would do better in jobs that require him to work by himself such as Data entry.

26 August 2008

Politics and Sports Its Step Son

I guess that is why no one can predict anything in India. A week ago I was saying that we won't get a single medal beyond the shooting gold and low and behold as if to explicitly prove me wrong, they decide to win not just one but two bronze medals. Really that's what India is all about...surprises.

Seriously these boys were unheard of just a week ago and today they are the toast of the town. Boxers who literally came from nowhere and became the lords of the ring. So besides buying air guns now parents will also be queuing up to pick up boxing gloves as well. And come to think of it, it is much easier to train boxers than it is to train shooters. To shoot you need specialized equipment and a range and memberships, etc etc etc; but to box you just need a guy in front of you and you are set!

What got my goat was this TV channel Headlines Today showing us the hotel in which the sportsmen and women were to be put up overnight in Delhi before they dispersed. They were going on and on about how the IOA should be ashamed of itself for putting them up in a shabby two star hotel. This is what I would like to ask them, did they bother about where they were put up before the games when they were due to fly out to China?

I am not defending the IOA which has enough resources being underutilized, but I would surely like to know what caused this major change of heart towards the sportspeople. A couple of medals and suddenly the treatment is shabby and before the games the same treatment was taken as accepted practice. The media in India is very powerful, but they also are rather immature. Maybe a few guidelines may not be such a bad idea of the government after all.

19 August 2008

Weight Loss ???

Well As I have been cribbing about it for a long time, I finally decided to do something about it. The 15kgs that I have gained since I got married have their days numbered in my body.

I am putting myself on a 5 week challenge to try and loose some of the flab that I have accumulated. AS I am well aware that a little bit over a long time adds up to a lot, I'm going to try and just loose 1/2 kg per week during this 5 week period. Then I'm going to give myself a week's break before resuming another 5 week spell.

This way I wont be pressurizing myself too much and I am giving myself plenty of space to cater for the unexpected socializing that is so much a part of our lives. Also if I get into this routine I expect that by the end of two years I should be back at the desired BMI for my self which is the main reason I am doing this.

After all health is wealth and one cant be obese and look good.

13 August 2008

Handing My Time

In my last related post I had mentioned how prioritizing would help you save time and here is a little activity that you can do to reclaim your time.

Write down all the activities you do in a day and the amount of time you spend on each. Follow the format given below for each activity.

Optimum Usage (Yes / No )
Satisfaction (Yes / No )
Desired Change (Less / More)
Reapportioned Time

Add comments on how you would accommodate backlogs if any.

Do you wish to include any other activity in your schedule?
How much time would you allocate for it?

Now look at the table and decide is that the kind of day you want to have?
If it is, what are you waiting for…put it into practice straight away!

12 August 2008

Olympic Gold Medal

We keep lamenting the state of Indian Sports at the beginning of each Olympic. I used to be naïve enough to believe that all those debates one heard on television would actually make a difference to the outcome of next years training, only to be disappointed with bigger debacles by our sportsmen and women.

Then I got to thinking why is it that the only sport that we do well in is cricket? What about the rest? It’s not like we don’t have enough talent. Come on if a country the size of Italy can win a gold medal surely we got people enough to get some medals. So what goes wrong?

As usual we play the blame game putting the blame on any and everyone we can think of except ourselves. We blame the government for not having good policies. We blame the schools for not supporting sporting activities. We blame the lack of money in sports to call it a career.

What about me and you? Aren’t we to blame as well. You might say I am no sportsman. I was never any good at any sport. I don’t have the talent to make it to the top level of competition. I only play to have a good time with my friends. How about your attitude? Is it not to blame?

If you were told that some one you know is spending day after day in training for a sport and is not working at a regular job, how would you react? Most likely with a, “What’s the matter with him?” instead of being supportive you would most likely try to talk him out of it. That’s how most of our medals disappear without even a flicker.

If we want our sports men and women to do well, we need to be out there cheering them. In case you haven’t noticed its been individuals with strong family and friend support who won the Silver Medal in Australia and the Gold Medal in China. So if you know someone who is good at sports go the extra mile and support them in any way you can. You might just be contributing to an Indian Medal at the Olympics.